Incorporating New Designs Into Old Materials



Wall Art

Rustic wall art mixing scrap metal and reclaimed wood to give you something unique.

Home Decor

The 4 elements candleholder glows brightly and throws the reflections up onto the wall. If you have an ideas they can be designed into your own personal candleholder

Custom Wedding Gifts and Birthday Gifts

Want to give a friend or family member a gift they will always remember? What better way than to make them a personal gift.

Limited Edition Custom Art

Limited Edition line titled 2022 Based on 20 different designs, I will create 22 pieces per design. The idea behind it a personal goal I set myself to achieve by 2022 and Calgary happened to be the starting point. For more info on this piece, contact me via the website or on my email ryan@mishmashmetal.com

Custom Corporate and Real Estate Gifts

Providing a personal touch and going out of your way to give something extra to show how much you appreciate a client. Rustic wall art mixing scrap metal and reclaimed wood to give you something unique. The metal has a mix of grind silver and patina finish and protected with a clear coat to maintain it. The piece in this picture was a custom order and 76'' x 32''. Due to the weight it was bolted to the wall for safety. The standard size I make the world map is 47'' x 19'' and custom sizes always an option.

Custom Home Signs

I can offer your home entrance with more than just an entrance sign, by working closely with you every step of the way. What you're left with is an end product that is a unique personalized piece of metal art, something that stands out and one that you will love.




Start up business owner as of June 2016.


A brief Introduction about me and what I do


Moving from Ireland to Alberta, Canada in 2014, Metal art has always been a passion I wanted to explore. I started this in June 2016. Knowing I wanted to bring something different, I started using a natural patina solution to create random colours on the raw steel for each piece. This allows each order to be a unique one off a kind. I look forward to making that special piece for you! Ryan.

Personal Info

  •   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  •   ryan@mishmashmetal.com
  •   MishMashMetal.etsy.com


What the customer has to say about my products
I was in search of a unique wedding gift for a special friend. I am personally drawn to the symbols of YinYang and The Tree of Life. When I saw the metal wall art including both by Ryan, I knew I found my gift. Ryan was quick to reply and asked if I had a preference on the finish. I was in the loop the entire time. It is absolutely lovely! I am happy to share something special to me as a symbol of starting anew. This is a great way to search for a gift! Thank you Ryan!!!!

tbernabale, Jul 2016

5 out of 5 stars
We commissioned Ryan for a piece of artwork using reclaimed wood and metal. It was a large world map piece for a specific area of our house that required some thought. Ryan worked with us from beginning to end, making sure that it was exactly what we wanted. He updated us on every step, sending us pictures of the progress and helping us solve the challenge of getting such a large, heavy piece secured to the wall. When he delivered it, he even helped us put it up, making sure we were happy with the end result. The piece is stunning and is exactly what we were looking for. Best of all, it was made locally, with locally sourced material. Ryan was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Mish Mash Metal! Thanks so much! Kistina.

Simon and Kistina, Dec 2016

5 out of 5 stars
We searched for someone to design and build a sign for our country property for several years until one day when I came across Ryan’s work at the local farmers market. The artwork he was displaying had everything we were looking for in a sign…creative and beautiful; crafted from metal and old barn wood, by a local artist. Ryan accepted the challenge of creating a unique, custom and relatively large sign for us. As we worked together designing the sign, Ryan listened to our ideas and gave us excellent feedback…what would or wouldn’t work, and why. During this process he made multiple trips to our home to measure, hang templates and to give us an opportunity to fine tune the design as it progressed. He was attentive to every detail right down to making sure that the finished product was anchored securely and safely. Ryan was professional from start to finish and always kept us posted on the progress of the project. The sign is absolutely everything we wanted and more! We just love it! Ryan was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Ryan – Mish Mash Metals to anyone looking for a unique piece of original artwork incorporating wood and metal. Pam & Todd 2017

Pam & Todd, Jan 2017

5 out of 5 stars
Great product. The interaction & communication with Ryan was very easy and straightforward.

joshuahooker1, Dec 2016

5 out of 5 stars
these are even more gorgeous in person! also, Ryan is a pleasure to work with. Such a nice & lovely person.

giulia a.

5 out of 5 stars
LOVE this piece!! Beautiful, high quality work. Ryan was super easy to work with and I received it really fast! Definitely recommend!

Nicole Orlando, Mar 2017

5 out of 5 stars
I am so excited about this! It is beautiful in its detail. It looks great on my wall. Great customer service, too. :) Love it!

usafgirly, Oct 2016

5 out of 5 stars


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