Metal Wall Art For The Living Room



If you’re looking for metal wall art for the living room that is unique, handcrafted, and made individually piece by piece, then you have found the right page!


About Mish Mash Metal

Hailing from Ireland and now living in the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta, I started this business in June 2016, with a passion to create metal art. Through the use of old materials, up-cycling scrap metal, and reclaimed wood, I developed Mish Mash Metal. My desire to use these recycled materials is to give them a new lease of life as speciality art on your wall and in your home. You will see reflected through my art and as the inspiration for my designs, both the influence of my Celtic background combined with the beauty of wildlife and nature I encounter, as I live here in Alberta.


Shipping across North America and Europe, Mish Mash Metal offers you distinctive wall art, home décor, and edition-ed productions. Also made available to you is commissioned art pieces; this is a personalised service to you, you will receive the advantage of working directly with the artist in order to bring your individual ideas to life. I have posted photos on this blog as examples of my work. Please click on the individual photos for a direct link to the etsy listing.










Mish Mash Metal Trait

You will find a personal style to my artistry. I chose this technique of designing Metal Art with the intention to provide exclusive art work to you, my client. I use a method of finishing the metal with a grind to reveal its natural silver shine. The raw metal reflects light differently from all angles producing various characteristics from one piece. The application of the patina finish generates a unique reaction on the metal, ensuring no two pieces of art will be alike. A protective clear coat is added to the patina finish, providing longevity to your Metal Art investment. Additionally, the reclaimed wood used can be colour customized to suit your personal space or you may choose to leave it the natural grey formed from aging process.


What’s New

I have recently added new contemporary designs to my collection and will continue to provide you with original and quality Metal Wall Art and Décor as my ideas evolve. Attached is a link to my etsy shop Mish Mash Metal for you to see more of my work. You can also click on the home button on the top right of this blog post to view the rest of my website.

If you have any inquiries, please leave a comment below or send an email through the contact me link on the main page. Alternatively you can get in touch by clicking any of the social media icons on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to working with you to create a piece of art that you will love.




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