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Hello and thank you for stopping by, to what is my first blog post on my website!

A Little Bit About What I Do..

I thought I should share my work and reach out to the locals here in Calgary. For those looking for something unique, I offer hand worked metal wall art.

Incorporating new designs into old materials is done by using a mix of scrap metal
and reclaimed wood for the majority of my pieces.

There are many materials that can be reworked with a little bit of effort, so instead of throwing them out they get a new lease of life on your wall 🙂


Oh and I seen this meme and its perfect…just saying 😉

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Recently Started, I Am Always Learning And Picking Up New Ideas..

I started Mish Mash Metal in June 2016 and I have many ideas that are still evolving. My latest piece is a contemporary design mixed with a raw and rustic finish. The look of this art is achieved through working the metal by giving it a grind which produces a raw silver effect, adding a reclaimed wood background, and staining it black…This particular piece is a part of an edition-ed line where I will produce a total of 22 pieces.

(Etsy Link Here)

Zebra Print 1

I can personalize any color of wood to suit your taste if you see any metal wall art you like..

What I Can Also Offer You..

Custom design is also an option. If you have an idea in mind, I would love to bring it to life for you. Please see above for reviews of my custom work. What I promise is a one on one service, together we will create a unique and personal piece of art for your home. The piece will only be proceeded with once you are completely happy with the design, assuring a production of art that you and your family will enjoy for many years..

My Social Media Links..

On my page you will see the different media icons, please click on one and follow me to receive updates of my latest designs. If you have any inquiries, please leave a comment below or send an email through the contact me link on the main page. Alternatively you can get in touch by clicking any of the social media icons on this website.



4 thoughts on “Metal Wall Art In Calgary – My Intro

  • Hey Ryan!
    I saw your work at the Millarville market last summer – great to see you have your website up and running!
    Your work is exceptional, its not like any other metal artist I have seen – beautiful stuff!
    I love your new pieces…I am thinking of commissioning you to do a business logo for me!

    • Hi Dee,

      Thank you for the compliment, it is much appreciated. I would love to help you out with your business logo. You can drop me an email on my contact page when the time comes, Thanks very much 🙂 Ryan.

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