Celtic Tree Of Life

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For the Ancient Celts, the Tree of Life was a symbol of balance and harmony. The tree provided warmth, food and protection for human beings as well as other animal creatures. They attributed trees to qualities such as strength power and wisdom hence, its deep connection at the center of their culture.

Cut with a Celtic knot design. This piece is finished with my own patina rustic solution while I left the top part of the leaves grind silver. The patina transitions into the silver with a subtle effect. To protect this finish, I have then used a clear coat paint.

A gift that is perfect for a new home, a birthday or even a Christmas gift.

This piece is 19'' x 19'' in diameter and is a circular shape. It is cut from 14 gauge mild steel.


A little bit about my process for creating.

My ideas generally center around, nature and Celtic, Norse and other ancient mythology.

I use a combination of hand plasma and CNC to cut the metal. All images I trace or hand draw initially. This gives the final pieces a more authentic feel as the cut is not perfectly symmetrical. Then the image is scanned onto the computer. It is fixed up to be made readable for the plasma CNC to cut. Keeping with the natural look, I grind and texture the piece raw silver or I spray a patina solution made from vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt. This creates it own random colours on the steel.

So while of the similar design, this allows your order to be a unique one off a kind piece. Lastly, its clear coated to protect the finish.

Your own design in mind? No problem.
The piece can be sized to suit your specific needs.
Just send me a message to discuss

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